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Sydney's Harbour Café

Portion 1 . Assessment programs, systems and procedures

Sydney's Harbour Café is a medium-sized Café organization operating in NSW, Australia. There are about five branches distributed in Sydney city, each is a medium-size café within a good area. Although it is merely a small business, nevertheless its administration is highly put.

Activity 1

1- Create a list of the key systems and processes applied within the organisation, or within just one business unit from the organisation.

Sydney's Harbour Café consists several systems and procedures. The main ones are the following:


Human Resources

Sales and Marketing


2- Describe the strategies you will use to monitor and evaluate the efficiency of these important systems and processes. To be able to monitor overall performance we have to know our current position. our current placement in our systems and procedures is in the commencing stage. We need to achieve a higher level of process to be seen effective by each of our customers and stakeholders. For instance , the HR system has to be enhanced to encourage the employment of high quality employees.

Evaluation tools at Sydney's Harbour Café:

System evaluation bedding

Face-to-face interviews: We will have regular interviews face-to-face with prior and current employees along with external stakeholders to obtain feedback for the evaluation from the HR system. Participant responses throughout the training: during any training, participants' comments have to be recorded and documented for feedback and evaluation Sum and appropriateness of workers and activity numbers: The number of employees and their tasks shall be evaluated regularly Sydney's Harbour Café identified value through its workers Individual pre- and post-training tests intended for comparisons: personnel are to be examined before and after schooling Assessment of current personnel: through check tasks, and training projects Observations and feedback by simply peers, managers and course instructors: peers, managers, and instructors are to present feedback on a weekly basis about a chosen employee

These evaluation tools could possibly be used to assess and examine a range of systems and processes including: Measure a reduction in number of customer satisfaction mistakes (e. g. incorrect coffee order). Measure decrease in number or severity of risks at work (from the apparatus used in the café) Assess change in buyer retention, revenue volume, and profitability on each sale following your training program have been implemented. Measure reduction in time for you to complete tasks (each order)

Measure changes in staff yield, number of issues, growth, attrition, wastage, failures, noncompliance, and quality ratings, achievement of standards and accreditations and customer retention. Evaluating Sydney's Harbour Café systems and processes will help to maintain all their position available in the market, as well as increase and increase. 3- Choose one of the crucial business operations and carry out an research of source chain, detailed and product/ service delivery systems.

Operational Delivery Systems

Typically the functional delivery systems in an company would be integrated into the efficiency strategic prepare. This plan might include Essential Results Areas (KRAs) and Key Efficiency Areas (KPIs) in the circumstance of functional delivery and the system that could support that. The detailed delivery program would look at every aspect of the business and consider every area that may have an impact on the organisational aspires, goals and objectives in order that the system facilitates the strategic direction.

The following is one of an operational delivery system for Sydney's Harbour Café:

Functional delivery devices for Sydney's Harbour Café:


It can be company plan to carry a 10% extra level caught manpower for each and every key accounts or location. Therefore , free officers will be available on each change to cover for any...