An Research of Internal Moral Thoughts in Mill's Utilitarianism

Philosophy - Mills Utilitarianism

Mill's Utilitarianism: Sacrifice the innocent for the normal good?

When confronted with a moral problem, utilitarianism identifies the

appropriate considerations, but offers no realistic method to gather the

necessary information to help make the required calculations. This absence of

information is a problem both in analyzing the welfare concerns and in

evaluating the consequentialist concerns which utilitarianism requires be

weighed when coming up with moral decisions. Utilitarianism tries to solve

both these difficulties by attractive to experience; however, no

method of reconciling a person decision with the guidelines of

experience is suggested, no relative weights are designated to the

various considerations.

In deciding whether to torture a terrorist who offers planted a

bomb in NY Town, a utilitarian must assess both the overall

welfare of the people engaged or effected by the actions taken, and the

consequences of the action taken. To estimate the welfare of the people