An Examination of Symbolism in the Novel god, the father of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies is a complex reserve. When first scanning this book one particular might assume that it is merely a book in regards to a group of males stranded on an island. When looking deeper in to the novel you will probably find that it's actually a commentary about how the writer, William Golding, views individual nature. From scanning this book you may gather that Golding thought that people are basically poor, and it is merely the influence that society has on them which makes them very good. Golding was in the battle and it is believed that the experience he had during this time period influenced the way he viewed persons and society. The fundamental message about society and human dynamics in this publication is obviously proven in the theme. William Golding uses symbols to create his theme. The kind of symbols he uses are literary symbols. Literary symbols just have meaning in the context of the e book they are in. For example, a significant symbol in Lord of the Flies may be the pigs head. To somebody who hasnt read the book the pigs mind could have no meaning to them. This is applied to literary symbols would simply be identified by thows who've read the publication. Therefor literary symbols are manufactured by the writer for the purpose of boosting the complexity of his / her book, and so are only relevant in the context of this book. The reserve Lord of the Flies is filled up with literary symbols. William Golding applied the symbols that he intended to develop his topic. He have this by changing the importance of symbols through the entire novel. There by changing just how an individual would interpret the novel. By doing this he develops