A Explanation of the Lives of the kids of Alcoholics in Present day Society

Children Of Alcoholics

By: Bree

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Topic Description This issue I chose for the study assignment is children of alcoholics.

I thought we would focus more on the kids that get excited about families of alcoholics rather

than on the family all together, because I sensed there would be an excessive amount of information.

Because I was raised in a well balanced, relatively normal family members, I thought we would research a subject in

that i did not have encounter with. The individuals that I chose for the interview are

persons that I understand to end up having parental alcoholism. Both of the interviewees

are mature enough to reflect after their childhood experiences, and so are also still dealing

with them to a level. The male participant can be a pal of my sister, and the female

participant is my roommate. I am going to discuss the study that I've done on children of

alcoholics and I'll discuss the interviews. Intro The National Association

for Children of Alcoholics reports there are around 11 million children of